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The focus of Oak Leaf Mobile Veterinary Services is to care for those patients that are best seen within the confines of their own home. These patients include those that are very anxious in strange environments or the car, those that suffer from mobility problems  or whose owners are confined to home. We do not have x-rays, ultrasound or surgery capabilities. But we will happily work together with your regular veterinarian when appropriate and recommend that you have a relationship with a traditional practice when possible for procedures and diagnostics that we cannot perform. 

Senior and End-of-Life Care

We have a very special place in our hearts for seniors (10 and older) and those nearing the end of their life. For our first visit, we spend up to 1 hour if needed in order to appropriately address all of your concerns.

Our senior patients frequently have chronic diseases and need special care to make sure that they are comfortable and their environment meets their needs. We can help with:

Lab work

Blood pressure

Pain management

Quality of life assessment

For those patients with a known terminal illness, we aim to make their remaining time as comfortable as possible by addressing pain control, environmental changes and nutritional needs as well as preparing for euthanasia when the time is appropriate. 


Wellness Visits/Preventative Care

As caring owners, you want the very best for your pet. That’s why we encourage you to schedule regular wellness visits. If visiting a traditional animal hospital is not the best option for you or your pet, then we can come to you. At the visit, we will perform a thorough exam, review past treatments and make recommendations that may include vaccines, lab work, microchip placement and other diagnostics tailored to the needs of your pet. By seeking to prevent problems before they arise, you’re ensuring your pet extended health and happiness.

Nonurgent Illness

We can treat a variety of minor illnesses including skin, ear and and eye conditions. Due to the nature of a mobile practice, there are some illnesses that are best handled by a traditional practice where they have access to x-rays, in house labs and hospitalization. Please reach out to us to discuss whether or not we can help with your pet's illness.


Euthanasia can be one of the most difficult and emotional decisions that you can make when it comes to your pet. We aim to make euthanasia as stress free and comfortable as we can for your pet and the rest of your family. We can also help to make arrangements for aftercare. Please see our Euthanasia page for additional information.

Please note that we do NOT provide baths or routine grooming services. Nail trims performed only for existing patients.

Basic Pricing

Travel Fee                                                                                           $25-50

Senior or End-of-Life Exam      (up to 1 hour)                                      $100

Routine Wellness or Minor Illness Exam      (up to 30 minutes)           $55

Recheck Exam within 4 Weeks                                                           $25

Euthanasia                                                                                  See euthanasia page

Please contact us for additional prices.