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Common Inquiries

Why a house call veterinarian?

For most animals, the sounds and smells of a strange building can be incredibly stressful. A house call veterinarian will perform most, if not all, procedures within the comfort of your home making the experience much more relaxed for everyone involved. This also eliminates car rides for both owners and pets alike. 
House call veterinarians also have the luxury of seeing pets within their own environment which can help with the diagnosis and treatment of some behavioral problems.

How do I pay for your services? Do you offer payment plans?

Payment for all services is required at the conclusion of our visit. We accept only credit cards for payment and do not offer payment plans.

What if my pet has an emergency?

Because we do not have all of the tools of a traditional practice including in house blood work and x-rays or the ability to hospitalize patients, we do not see emergencies. Please see our emergency resources page for details.

Do you treat exotic animals?

Our practice is limited to dogs and cats. Please contact Hoschton Animal Hospital for treatment of your exotic pet.