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Our pets are often with us through the milestones in our lives. The good and the bad. They follow us through our day. Snuggle on our lap. Wag their tail. In turn, we do our best to make sure that they have the best life in the relatively short time that they have with us. 

There comes a time, though, when they are no longer comfortable and we may need to make one of the most difficult and selfless decisions a pet owner can make. 

We, at Oak Leaf Mobile Vet, can provide a peaceful passing for your pet in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Maybe it will be in a sunny spot in your yard or your lap or their favorite bed. Perhaps it will just be you and your pet or a whole family by their side. We will help you to make the experience as peaceful as we can.   


Whether your pet has been euthanized or passed peacefully at home, we can assist in handling the care of their remains. 

Some owners will elect to bury their pet at home. This is a wonderful option. We cannot assist with this process so please make sure to follow your local laws in regards to proper burial.


For some, home burial is not an option. We are partnered with Georgia Pet Aquamation to handle aftercare. Aquamation is a gentle alternative to flame cremation with the benefit of being more environmentally friendly. Click here for more information.


We can arrange for traditional cremation if preferred. Please contact us for additional information including associated fees.

Options for aquamation (or cremation) include private or communal. Should you prefer to have ashes returned to you then please select private cremation. 



The above fee includes sedation and euthanasia

Additional fees apply for large, aggressive dogs, appointments outside of our service area and appointments on weekends or holidays. Please inquire. 


All options below are through Georgia Pet Aquamation. Please contact us if you prefer traditional cremation.

    Communal Cremation  



Please chose this option if you do not want ashes returned to you.

Private Cremation

up to 50 pounds                       $265

51-100 pounds                           $310

101+ pounds                please inquire

With this option, your pet's ashes will be returned to you by Oak Leaf Mobile Vet typically within 3-4 weeks.

Private cremation comes with your choice of one of the following packages:


Package for Spreading Ashes (Package A)

If you have a location in mind for spreading your pet’s ashes, such as a park or lake, consider our “To Be Spread” Package. . It comes with a sustainable and eco-friendly urn for scattering ashes, a hair clipping of your pet’s fur, and an ink paw print.  

We understand that many families prefer to scatter their pet’s ashes, which is why we place remains in special containers that are equally commemorative and practical. We selected our urns to simplify the scattering process and help you maintain your pet’s dignity. 


Package for Keeping Ashes (Package B)

Some families prefer to keep their pet’s ashes at home. For that choice, we offer urns designed for displaying at home with our “To Keep” Package. 

The package includes keepsakes such as an ink paw print, hair clipping, and bamboo cremation urn. Our specialized bamboo urns come from Bamboo Nan, a renewable material with a lovely finish that would look stunning in any memorial display.


Package for Remembering Your Pet (Package C)

If you would like to memorialize your beloved pet, consider our “To Remember” Package. Like other packages this one also includes a paw print from your pet and hair clipping. However, it also comes with an eco-friendly urn from our mango wood photo box collection. 

Seeing your companion happy and well in one of your favorite photographs will undoubtedly bring back cherished memories and smiles. Our photo box cremation urns have a natural wood-like design with a cremation compartment and a separate slot for the photo of your choice. 

There are other options available for urns at an additional cost. Georgia Pet Aquamation will contact you if desired to discuss those options. You may also visit their website to view some of the options.

We accept all major credit cards, cash and Care Credit. Checks are accepted from existing clients. 

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